January 23, 2013

365 Project-Week 39-52

[chuckling.]  Yep.  You read correctly.  Week 39-52.  At some point, the 365 posts got away from me, and I gave up.  No, not on taking the pictures, but on writing the posts.  I decided that I'd just wait until the end of the year and post a quarter's worth of 365 Project collages all at once.  

It's been interesting these past few weeks...er, months.  Having a baby, having half a boob job, going to chemo...again, dealing with a little lymphedema.  I'm well over due for a Red Umbrella post too.  There's a lot to catch up on.  

We're managing around here with LOTS of help.  We're continuing to count our many, many blessings and reminding ourselves almost daily that it's all a matter of perspective.  

Here we go with three months-ish of Flynn Family photos.  Enjoy.  

1.  Super Channing to the rescue!  With or without the hat, that's the cry that rings through our house every time Big Brother hears Little Brother cry.  2.  Snuggly play time.  3.  Channing barged in on my attempt to take Maxwell's monthly photo.  4.  It was his turn to rock Maxwell for a change.  5.  Channing loves to make his cars zoom down any and every ramp we have.  6.  Gettin' cozy by the fireplace and enjoying breakfast.  7.  Cal's, our local nursery, had a petting zoo as part of their fall festivities.  We fell in love with this fuzzy bunny. 
1.  Channing is happiest when it's Maxwell's turn to tuck him into bed at night.  2.  There are few things sweeter than a wee baby bum.  3.  One breakfast by the fireplace led to yet another.  4.  Channing loves, loves, loves his little cousin Haley.  5.  Hot tubbin' at Horseshoe.  We never tire of these pictures.  Ever.  6.  Joe & Cassie welcomed Fynn into their family this fall.  We were there to celebrate his arrival.  7.  Channing's 'sushi' made of squished bread, peanut butter & jelly.  
1.  Channing demonstrated how he used to ride in the infant car seat.  2.  Keeping a watchful eye on the baseball game while eating ice cream at Buffalo Wild Wings.  3.  My scary lunch date.  4.  Keeping up with big brotherly duties like washing stinky brother toes.  5.  Early morning snuggles.  6.  Homework.  Channing was asked to decorate a paper pumpkin to put in the patch at preschool.  7.  Monkey pancakes for my sweet little monkey.  

1.  A very obliging Maxwell.  2.  Happy Birthday to our dear friend and neighbor, Megan.  3.  Spooky hot cocoa.  It's hard to tell from the photo but it was actually orange in color.  3.  Squishy, sleepy little boy  4.  Yes, even skeletons must brush their teeth.  6.  One of Channing's favorite 'mommy dates'-a trip to Barnes & Noble to play with the trains topped off by a treat in the cafe.  7.  My new favorite night cap, coconut cocoa tea with AlmondJoy creamer.  Seriously delicious.  
1.  We had the pleasure of hosting Little Mouse for a night or two.  He came home from school with Channing, had all sorts of fun with our family including an ice cream picnic in our living room, and then we sent him back to school with his journal filled with photos and tales of our adventures.  2.  Me just hours after my surgery.  3.  This weird breathing thingy I had to use at the hospital.  It ensured I was taking deep enough breaths during my recovery period.  4.  Goat cheese, butternut squash and proscuitto flatbread.  YUM.  5.  Shadow puppets on the ceiling courtesy of Kiwi Crate.  If you're not familiar with them and have kids between 3 and 8, google it and check it out.  Monthly fun delivered to your door.  Channing LOVES it!  6.  Cousin Andrew loaned Channing his marble maze set which resulted in hours and hours and hours of quiet play time in the days immediately following my surgery.  7.  Mandy Birdwell photographing Max at our family photo shoot.
1.  Channing adores all of my girlfriends.  Amy's no exception.  He truly believes they come to our house with the sole purpose of playing with and snuggling with him.  2.  Our vampire pumpkin.  3.  Shark mad Channing & monster Max  4.  The World's Best Chicken Pot Pie courtesy of Leanne.  5.  Daddy snuggles  6.  Measure twice, cut once.  WM hard at work on the Murphy bed. 
1.  My first fill post surgery.  Yes, that is a large needle sticking out of my boob.  2.  One of Channing's crazy marble mazes.  3.  A visit with Cassie, Joe & Fynn  4.  Sock T. Puss, one of the most unique and creative gifts Max received.  The socks are removable.  Max loves chewing on the octopus' legs and gets compliments every time he wears those little orange argyle socks.  5.  Yes, there is a small boy among all those toys in our tub.  6.  A sleepy Max having breakfast with WM  7.  The note of encouragement I received from the Cancer Fairy one day at chemo. 
1.  I caught a bit of a cold.  Channing wanted to make sure I had a cough drop on hand just in case I needed one-or forty-in the middle of the night.  2.  Saturday morning, post-chemo snuggles with my sweet, sweet boys.  3.  Maxwell lulled a hard working Grandma Meredith to sleep  4.  WM makes the best breakfasts.  I could eat them every.  single.  day.  5. Yea!  Bright & beautiful flowers.  6.  Goo courtesy of Kendra & Libby.  One of Channing's favorite birthday presents by far.  7.  Oh my...Looks like Channing has ONE girlfriend.  [wink]
1.  Aunt Kris snuggles up with Maxwell & helps with his evening meal  2.  Channing plays with the red tinsel used to pack goodies in a care package we received in the mail  3.  Channing made this xylophone all by his big guy self.  It was a project in one of his monthly Kiwi Crates.  4.  Even Grandpa Douglas likes racing down the slide.  5.  Who doesn't have a stack of plastic cups and wooden beads in the middle of their dining room table during dinner?  6.  Channing's beverage of choice when we have breakfast at The Windmill Cafe.  7.  Taking a minute to read the directions as WM & Walt tried to fix the lights on our dining room Christmas tree.  
1.  Nancy was kind enough to bake us a batch of gingerbread cookies.  Channing turned the gingerbread men upside down and decorated them as reindeer instead.  Regardless of direction, they were tasty!  2.  Quadrilla!  Channing received his very own wooden marble maze set for his birthday.  His reaction?  'It was just what I always wanted in the whole wide world.'  3.  This picture causes me to flash forward about 15 years.  Two words:  senior portrait.  4.  Maxwell enjoying a little wiggle time 5.  Grandma Kathy & Maxwell exchanging a smile or two  6.  Channing helped hang over-sized holiday ornaments on metal stakes that we used to line our front walk this winter.  7.  Sisters Sarah & Jenn comparing photos at our Kuehl Family holiday gathering.  
1.  Hooper Humperding, one of the best bedtime stories ever.  Ever.  2.  Channing was very particular with regard to the placement of ornaments on the dining room tree.  3.  Chocolate caramels.  My mouth is watering at the sight of them.  4.  Ever helpful Channing, stringing lights on the family room Christmas tree.  5.  The following evening, he finished up the decorating job by placing the snowflake on top.  6.  A tote I whipped up for Molly's birthday.  7.  Sometimes being a big brother is even better than being a super hero.  That line inspired the boys PJs.  Aren't they sweet?

1.  Pad Thai at Noodles.  My usual order.  2.  The best way to ensure every kernel of popping corn gets into the bowl is to straddle it while sitting on the kitchen counter.  I promise.  3.  I am not meant to be a platinum blonde.  Nope.  Definitely not.  4.  Late night sewing projects.  5.  The finished late night sewing project which was given to my dear friend, Holly, for her bitty girl.  Like me, she's not a fan of pink.  6.  Channing's orange balancing act.  It was totally worth the imaginary dollar I had to pay him to see it.  7.  The perfect hot drink to share by the perfect Christmas tree.  Cheers Kath!
1.  The gingerbread house Channing made at school.  It lasted all of 15 minutes before he pulled off all the candy and enjoyed a tasty treat.  2.  Holiday sparkle.  3.  Maxwell trying to figure out how to get his ladybug.  4.  Cousins waiting their turn to see Santa Claus.  5.  Littler cousins having a snuggle.  6.  I did a quick photo shoot of Anderson & Charlie for Kelly & Andy while they were home for the holidays.  This is one of my favorite shots.  7.  Channing trying not to look at the camera or smile.  Love that little smirk.
1.  Who needs to lift weights at the gym when you have Channing around?  2.  Channing's latest obsession-Hex bugs and his hex bug maze.  3.  Channing jumped right into his new sled on Christmas morning and showed everyone how he was going to ride in it 'too fast'  4.  Bald & beautiful.  Love you boys!!  5.  Lip smackin' good breakfast.  6.  Maxwell  concentrating very hard on getting Sophie the giraffe into his mouth.  7.  Happy Holidays from the Flynn boys.  
And one for good measure.

Maxwell enjoying time in his bouncy seat while the rest of us enjoyed New Year's Eve dinner.  

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