February 13, 2013


Our house has fallen silent in that way that only comes at nap time.  I'm probable jinxing myself for making mention of it.  The boys are both down.  A hush has fallen over our house like a light dusting of snow.  It's lush.  It's lovely.  

Today, Channing declared, "I just love him so much." and than proceeded to squish Maxwell in the biggest brotherly hug I've yet to witness.  Melted my heart as they so often do.  These brothers get such a kick out of one another.  

I had grand intentions of a Valentine's Day photo shoot.  As we all know, plans sometimes fall through.  I did manage to snap a few quick shots minus the chalk board background, matching plaid necktie outfits and an assortment of appropriate lovey-dovey props.  Oh well, you get the gist.

There's a lot of love flowing around here.  In the spirit of tomorrow, we'd like to extend it to you and yours. 

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Leanne said...

They are so adorable!!!