February 24, 2013

Stay Puft Marshmallow Max

Poor guy.  He probably isn't going to be very happy for calling him that.  Really though, does this picture leave you thinking anything else?

He was happiest snuggled in WMs arms during his brief stint outdoors yesterday.  He could be convinced to smile just a little for that  picture.  However, he was not thrilled about making his very first and very tiny snow angel.

It certainly made this mama smile.  

Channing was way too busy chasing Lexi through a tunnel in her snowbank to pause for snow angels much less a decent picture.

Hard to believe that just one week ago my camera was capturing spring's budding beauty.  More on that in a post yet to come.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Look at that little snow angel! Never have I seen anything cuter :-)