March 19, 2013

Me too

To be quite frank, I thought it would be quite some time yet before the 'Me too's' started in around here.  I expected it to be a little brother wanting to do anything and everything his big brother did.  Today, proved me wrong.

This guy found it very interesting to watch the kitchen sink filling with water.  A 'Whatcha doing?' from Channing gave way to my big helper gathering towels, baby wash and the like.  

It wasn't long before a bath in the sink looked like fun that wasn't to be missed.  There was a plea of 'Me too, puh-lease.'  The clothes came off not one, but two little boys, and there they were.  Rub-a-dub.

It took some effort for Channing to get his legs folded into his side of the sink.  They didn't stay that way for long.  He laughed when I reminded him how he used to be small like Max and fit so easily at that age.  'Mom, That's hilarious.'  No.  Not hilarious.  It left me feeling wistful.

Maxwell discovered the fine art of splashing.  Needless to say, big brother, the kitchen counter and the kitchen floor all got a good soaking.  This was one of those moments where I really didn't care.  They could have flooded the entire kitchen and dining room.  It made no difference.  

We were busy making memories in the kitchen sink.  The kind where I know Channing will say, 'Mom, remember when...'  And, smiling, I will say, 'Yes Buddy, I do.'

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