April 1, 2013

Hippity Hoppity

Here it is in pictures.  Our Easter.  

We swayed a little from tradition, opting for space alien Easter eggs.  Channing just loved how they turned out.  He used the word 'darling' at least 2 dozen times in the process of making them.

Despite the bitter cold, we walked to church.  The boys were well bundled.  The crisp air left us feeling refreshed.  

We stretched our culinary wings a bit too, WM baked both yeast rolls and a key lime pound cake from scratch and I tossed together a pan of bacon and beer brussel sprouts as well as rainbow Jell-o.  Does that count as culinary?  Jell-o?  I think Channing would say yes.  

Walt & Kathy made the most delicious beef tenderloin with a bleu cheese mushroom sauce.  Melted.  In.  Your.  Mouth.  It did.  It really and truly did.  

Joe & Cassie dropped in on their way north from Amboy.  Maxwell couldn't get enough of Auntie Cassie.

I'm still laughing about Maxwell and his mustache.  He was a good sport about the silly pictures choosing to try to lick his mustache off rather than have a crying fit.  Hilarious.  Absolutely hilarious.  

We've a big week ahead.  Stay tuned. 

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