August 24, 2013

Less = More

So...if you haven't noticed, I've been blogging less and doing more.  I'm happy, in many ways, to be saying that.  It means post-radiation, my energy is finally returning.  It means I'm finally feeling mended post-July's surgeries.  Good things are shakin' around here.  Lots of good things.   

Like sweet birthday parties for sweet bitty girls. I went all out on the strawberry theme this year.  The menu: balsamic strawberry crostini with marscapone followed by spinach salad with grilled chicken, fresh strawberries, toasted pecans and feta cheese and cupcakes.  Lemon cupcakes.  You though I was going to say strawberry, didn't you?  Well, they did have a homemade strawberry curd filling and were topped with strawberry buttercream frosting.  That counts, doesn't it?  

Daily, I'm inspired by my friend, Mel, and her yoga Instagram challenge.  Seriously.  Good.  Stuff.  Makes me want to get off my duff and get into a yoga studio, which Kathy & I did try. Once.  Channing & Max are working some 'yoga moves' of their own.  Yes, Channing refers to them as moves and not poses.  Max makes an immediate bee-line for the yoga mat once it's unfurled.  He's pretty darn good at Child's Pose.  

Kelly & her boys are in town for a few weeks.  And because I want to be known as the 'cool' aunt, I may have whipped up a couple of noodle horses.  And because you can't ride a noodle horse without a Woody costume, I may have ordered t-shirts and hats for Channing & Anderson.  We spent an evening having races in Kath's backyard.    

And since the 'cool' mom cannot be outdone by the cool aunt, I surprised the boys by making the couch into a fort while they napped.  Maxwell was the first one to wake up.  He crawled into Fort Flynn as if he'd been hanging out in quilt-topped forts since the day he was born.  He even knew enough to use the flashlight to check under the couch for monsters.  Pretty intuitive if you ask this proud mama.  

Channing, well, he was all about the fort snacks.  The canteen served up star marshmallows, raisins and pretzels that afternoon.  The boys shared.  Then, Max settled himself in the darkest corner while Channing cozied up with a furry friend and the fun continued until it was time to head out the door for a dinner date.  

There's more.  Oh so much more.  It'll come.  I'll get to it.  School starts next week.  The new school year will give way to new routines.  Time to recommit to regular blogging.  Time to hit the gym.  Time to try my hand at sewing clothes for me.  

Until then...

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