September 7, 2013

New Year Old Shirt

Channing was so non-pulsed with regard to going back to school that I'm having a difficult time writing this post.  That's good, I guess.  I have no pictures or tales of first day tears and drama.  

Channing popped right out of bed, donned the same first day shirt as last year, gobbled up his breakfast and we were ready to snap our pics and head out the door.  

Granted this year, we had Maxwell to help in the drop off, but I didn't even get out of the car.  Ms. Brenda grabbed his hand, led him away and that was that.  

At lunch, we spent more time laughing at Max than rehashing the first day's events.  The biggest news was that last year's crush, Stella, is in his class.  Again.  And, what's even better...They're sharing a locker.  

This year is off to a good start.  : )  The look on his little face says it all.  

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