September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Maxwell

One year ago, we glimpsed this sweet face for the very first time.  It was heady, hearing his first cry.  After all we'd endured in the days and weeks and months leading up to his arrival, the release of finally being able to hold Maxwell and to physically see him and to know that yes, he's really normal despite going through chemo with me, was immense.  There is no other word for it.  Immense.  That feeling of relief.  That feeling of love.

In one year, he's changed just a wee little bit.  [wink.]  We've arrived at today still overjoyed by his very presence.  He seems pretty happy to be here too.  Ya think?

Early this morning, Channing helped me to blow up a multitude of balloons.  What better way to start your second year but with a crib FULL of balloons to bat at and throw and hide under.

We stopped at Target where the Cookie Lady frosted up a half dozen cupcakes just for us.  White.  White frosting.  Sprinkles.  One Super Man ring for the big brother.  

Maxwell hesitated with the cupcake which surprised me.  I was certain he'd grab it and shove the entire thing in his mouth at once.  He poked at it a bit.  Tasted the frosting with Channing's help.  And promptly burst into tears.  

Poor guy.  Channing picked out a couple gifts for Maxwell-a ball and a truck.  The truck was particularly well received.  Maxwell wasted no time in pushing it around the kitchen floor, crawling after it as fast as he could go, giggling all the while.  And, for once, Channing just let him go.  He didn't try to show him the 'right' way to do it or to push it harder/faster/farther.  He just sat back and watched.

'Mom, isn't he just amazing on his birthday?'  He is.  He truly, truly is.  

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kelly said...

How sweet! Happy birthday Max! (: