October 31, 2013


Six weeks...six crazy, fun-filled weeks have passed since last I posted to this blog.  I'm to the point where a end-of-year recap will be necessary to fill in some of the bits and pieces of life that didn't make the blog in a timely manner.  See, I have this thing where if I don't post within a couple days of something happening, it gets skipped over.  

Today though, I made a point of getting the boys into their costumes, pretending to trick-or-treat at our very own house, just so I could snap a few pictures to show and to share.  

They're sweet.  They are good to each other more than not.  See?  Proof.  I'm saving this for when they're a little older and at each other's throats.

Max was less than thrilled about picture time.  In PJs yet, I bribed him with an apple to sit in the green chair for a couple of shots.  Really, I just wanted a picture for my Instagram feed, but then they were so cute and those toes just begged to be first tickled and then photographed so the big camera came out.  It had dust on it!  [GASP!!!]

He liked the apple.  Just a little.

Channing was all about pretending to scour the neighborhood for candy, carefully walking Maxwell down the sidewalk a bit before turning him around to approach our house from the proper angle.  It was great practice for tonight, right down to eating the KitKats I offered them.  

Last year, Channing couldn't decide whether he wanted to be a shark or a dragon.  The costumes were so cute and reasonably priced, I got them both.  Better to be prepared than face a complete meltdown, right?  This year, without hesitation, it was the dragon.  And, he announced one day that Max would be his knight in shining armor.  

That little hoody, I whippped up this morning during nap time.  The shield is just basted to the sweatshirt.  I used my handy dandy Silhouette Cameo and some fabric I had in my stash to make the oversized patch.  After tonight, I'll clip the threads and the sweatshirt will go back in the drawer as a warm layer to be worn for the rest of the winter.  

Tonight might be short lived.  It's cold.  It's damp.  Channing's had a fever off and on for the last day or so.  We're skipping the neighborhood Halloween pot luck in an effort to keep our germs to ourselves.  Nonetheless, there will be costumes and candy.  

Halloween wishes to you and yours!!

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