November 17, 2013


Yep.  Sharks.  In Minnesota.  In our house no less.  Channing was quite insistent on a shark party to mark his 5th year.  I think we came through pretty well.  It started with a plastic shark I found a few months ago.  Plastic shark in my mind = cake topper.  It's as though he was made for a cake the way his sleek plastic body curved just so.  

A few weeks ago, we had a mini photo shoot with Channing and the plastic shark.  He wasn't keen on it, but in the 10 or so frames I shot, several were keepers.  I used them not only to make the party invitations, but also that cute little bunting atop the chalk board.  

I used to pull my hair out over the chalk board.  Now, with the help of photo shop, a pencil for tracing and a chalk marker, I can fancy up a sign in 30 minutes flat.  Well, when I can be decisive about the font.  Sometimes, it takes hours.  HOURS. does me in more often than not.  

Channing's gifts this year seemed to center on wheels and speed.  From us, he received the movie Turbo (Watched it last night and LOVED it!) as well as a build-your-own HotWheels race track set.  That has been set up and taken apart countless times already.  In fact, he's so enthralled by it that he's even forgotten to be afraid of being in the basement/play room alone.  He's told me countless times, 'Mom, I don't like when the furnace kicks on.  That thing freaks me out.'  Oh the fears of our younger days.  I remember those too.  

A special thanks to Duff Goldman of Ace of Cakes fame for making me look like a cake baking rock star.  His boxed cake mix and it's easy-to-follow directions made the wanting-a-rainbow-cake dreams of a five-year-old boy come true.  He was amazed and delighted.  Our younger party guests were too.  

So there you have it in a nut shell.  The shark party for Channing's 5th birthday.  Fabulous.  He's already told me that next year, it'll be a pirate party.  It's nice to know well in advance so I can start collecting inspiration and ideas.  He's like me in that regard.  He likes to have a plan in place.  

Happy Birthday, Channing.  We love you.  Your mommy.  Your daddy.  Your brother.  And, of course, your guardian angel.  Here's to a fabulous fifth year.  XXXOOO

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