November 19, 2013

Winter Wonderland in a Jar

After a quick stop at the kids' clinic for Channing's well child check this morning, we ran an errand or two.  It was not my intention to stop at Archivers.  However, as we passed by the storefront, the Silhouette Cameo display caught my eye.  In need of more stencil vinyl, we dashed in.  Right next to the vinyl, we discovered a package of mini bottle brush trees.  

Channing snatched them up in .26 seconds, pleading with me to bring them home to 'make a Christmas wonderland.'  I could hardly say no.  

At home, we plunked our trees down on the kitchen counter before scouring the rest of the house for necessary items.  A mason jar.  Poly-fill.  Washi tape.  Dinosaurs.  Yes.  Dinosaurs.  Can you really argue with the logic of a five-year-old's brain.  I think not.  

It took several attempts to get it just right.  At first, Channing filled the ENTIRE jar with poly-fill, leaving no room for trees or dinosaurs.  Then, after removing the majority of the fill, the weight of the dinosaur caused the trees to topple. 

A total meltdown was simmering just below the surface, but we finally got it.  The trees were upright, the dinosaur was too and the perfect amount of 'snow' held it all together. 

With a little washi tape to fancy up the lid to the jar, our project was complete.  

I kid you not when I say Channing asked to be tucked into bed tonight with his Wonderland jar.  I did manage to convince him, Mr. Bunny would be just a tad snugglier.  The jar found a place of honor on his dresser.  As I walked out the door and flipped off the light, I heard a quiet voice from the darkness, 'Goodnight, Wonderland.  Goodnight.' 

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