January 6, 2014


Surprised?  Yeah.  You're not the only one.  It wasn't my intention to start the year with a blog-over.  It just sort of evolved over the past four hours or so.  In an effort to tweak the template I used for the last update, I made a royal mess out of the blog and in order to fix it. Well, I'm sure you know how it goes, the snowball effect.  One thing leads to another and then to another and…Voila!  An updated look appears.  There's nothing like a fresh new look for the start of the new year, right?  

And speaking of new, Santa brought me a UE Boom speaker for Christmas this year.  I'm thrilled.  I've been wanting a better way to listen to and enjoy music for quite some time.  Dropping my iPhone in a drinking glass to amplify the sound just didn't cut it.  Propping it in the window above the sofa, was just slightly better.  We now have music.  LOUD, get-up-on-your-feet and dance your ass off music. 

The boys, well, they love it.  LOVE it.  The photographs are far from good.  They're blurred and ill-composed.  However, I smile.  BIG.  And my heart does that silly, melty, flip-flop that only a mama head over heals in love with her crazy boys can know when I look at them.  Over.  And over.  And over.  

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Kathy Flynn said...

Sweet! Love that WC is wearing his shark tie! Xoox