February 9, 2014


Well, after a long blogging break, I've got a few things to share.  Not related in any way, but worthy of a blog post nonetheless.  Purely random.

Last night, we joined a multitude of other volunteers at our church to help pack meals for Feed My Starving Children.  It was FMSC's largest event.  Ever.  In two rapidly passing hours, our team packed 31 boxes with a total of 1116 meals.  

Our scooping hands may have ached a little by the end, but our hearts were light.  

Maxwell, in his on-going effort to keep up with Channing, has discovered the joys of finger painting.  Our petite Picasso had a hard time keeping the paint out of his mouth.  It must not taste good as each time he licked his fingers, he shuddered.  Silly guy.

Channing has taken an interest in science.  He has a book of experiments that he studies with great interest and determination.  Experiments are now a source of entertainment during Maxwell's afternoon naps.  It's fun, as a mama, to watch his thirst for knowledge grow and change.  We just completed our kindergarten registration process.  I'm still reeling at the thought, Channing will be a kindergartner come fall.  Really?  

Here, he worked with static electricity, rubbing a plastic spoon on a wool glove and then making pepper 'jump' onto the spoon from the tabletop.  He found this to be 'magic.'

And, this sweet pic of WM and Maxwell just begged to be shared.  

Don't you just want to tickle those little toes?  I know I do!  

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