March 30, 2014

Head First

Sometimes, when you're really passionate about something, it's best to dive in head first.  Just ask Maxwell.  He literally launched himself head-long across the dining room table in an effort to dig into a plate of fresh donuts.  

The boys helped me whip up buttermilk donuts this morning.  Channing carefully, measured and stirred while Maxwell supervised. 

Maxwell was sure to remind us a dozen or so times that the donuts were in the oven and we were in for a real treat.  For eight of the ten minutes of baking time, we were made to stand there and simply stare into the hot oven.  

While he was better at making music with the sprinkles than actually putting them on the donuts, he was a very enthusiastic eater.

Channing may have gotten just a few sprinkles on the table in his effort to thoroughly coat his donuts with every.  single.  sprinkle.  we had on hand.  His enthusiasm for donut consumption rivaled that of his brother though.  

Regardless of the number of sprinkles on the donuts, the table, the floors and yes, my sweet boys, I'd say we achieved donut perfection.  


Arin said...

I found your blog because my six year old daughter wanted to see if we googled her name,what would come up. She is a Holly Flynn too! I am a blogger myself (crafting) and I have to say I got sucked into your story... I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma 2 years ago, but they got it all... I too have experienced two losses and high stress pregnancies... however nothing like the Mt. Everest you climbed... I was touched and inspired by your posts and happy to know that my little girl could see a person that shares the same name with the likes of you! You have a new follower!

Arin said...