April 15, 2014

Charmed, I'm sure

Several months ago, we were the proud owners of an ill-fated beta fish. Horribly ill-fated. Sharky lived with us for a matter of hours.  Channing managed somehow to drop an iPad on him. I'm still uncertain as to how that event played out.  Lesson learned. A fish is not the right pet for a curious, hands-on young lad such as Channing. 
Enter Charmy, the leopard gecko. She's outlasted Sharky by weeks. Both of the boys are completely mesmerized by her. They dote on her.  I've overheard Channing crooning, 'How's my little girl?' To her on countless occasions. 
Her name?  Well, that's a cute story. We got Charmy shortly after St. Patrick's Day. Leprechauns on the brain, Channing kept confusing the words leprechaun and leopard.  He was getting a leprechaun gecko.  He has a love of the cereal Lucky Charms. He calls them Charmys.  See how that worked?  Lucky Charms + leprechaun gecko = Charmy. 

She's docile.  She's tolerant of little hands that on occasion grab instead of scoop to pick her up. We have all enjoyed the show she puts on at dinner time, stalking crickets and worms with tail-shaking enthusiasm.  He's (mostly) gentle.  He's diligent about making sure she's got enough to eat and to drink.  He helps to clean her habitat to the best of his five-year-old ability.  He talks to her. He shows her all his favorite toys and holds her so she too can listen to his bedtime story. 

Maxine came to coffee this morning. Channing told her it's too bad she hasn't had a sleepover at our house so she can see Charmy eat.  He's proud of his little pet.  And I am proud of him. 

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