July 28, 2014


(Apparently, this didn't publish last Wednesday. The Blogger interface on the iPad is less than stellar. With my laptop in the repair shop-new hard drive & expanded data storage- my blogging resources were limited. Can't let this day go by unrecognized so here's a look at our celebration a little later than hoped.)

Today, Sophie's four. We celebrated her sweet life with strawberry art projects and strawberry cake and strawberry colored balloons.  

Channing insisted we send the balloons to heaven.

We did. The boys were amazed. I thought there would be tears when we couldn't get the balloons back. There was just awe. And selflessness. Channing was genuinely happy to be sending birthday balloons to heaven. 

Happy birthday bitty girl. You're loved. You're missed. Hope you like your balloons. 

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chris and fran white said...

I am sure that Leanne celebrated Sophie in a big way in Heaven on her birthday. If there is Pinterest in Heaven Leanne and Sophie celebrated in a big way. Missing my Leanne as much as you miss your Sophie. Hugs to your family Holly.