December 25, 2014


If you've ever picked up my camera, offering to take a quick pic for me, you know...I keep my camera on continuous shooting mode.  Many quickly suggest I 'fix it' and try handing it back for corrective action.  I just smile and say, 'Nope.  That's just the way I like it.'

As the mama of two crazy little boys, continuous is make or break.  Take for example our holiday card.  426 shots later I added some graphics and sent out this:

In case you're wondering, the mugs are vintage-a gift from my dad.  The quilt was made by my Great-Grandma O.  The chair was a gift from Walt & Kath when we were expecting Channing.  I picked it out at The Porch in Buffalo, MN.  And the sled.  That beautiful sled.  It's the very same one that carried Papa Walt down the snow covered hills of his youth.

And, I'll let you in on another secret.  There's no hot cocoa in those mugs.  Just whipped cream.  

There were some strong contenders this year, but that first one. The one above.  That's the one that did it.  That's the one that got the Sophie stamp of approval.


What?  You didn't find it?  Yep.  Somewhere in all that whipped topping filled sweetness is Sophie's strawberry.  It's our special way of including her.  Look closely.  You'll find her.  

Merry Christmas.

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