December 17, 2014

Splish Splash Christmas Bash

This past weekend, The Kuehls gathered from far and wide to celebrate Christmas together.  As ususal, it was a wet, wild and oh-so-fun weekend.  Regrettably, I forgot the waterproof camera so the most adventurous water sliders were not captured in action.  

We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells.  Hats off to Sarah for finding our place to stay and a special thanks to Jesse for his continued military service and for extending us his discounted rate on our stay.  Woot!!

There was plenty to do.  Plenty.  Thrill seekers big and small found slides and rides to their liking.  Some liked to take it slow.  

Some made a dash for the bottom.  Andrew clearly won this race!!

Maxwell LOVED the wave pool.  Sorry no photographs.  You'll have to picture him in your mind on his back, bare toes pointed into the waves, riding the swells and giggling the entire time.  Entire.  Time.  Surprisingly, he still did have a voice at the end of the weekend. 

Not that he minded the slides.  Like everyone else, he found those to his liking too.

It was fun.  Great fun.  Although, it may be well into the new year by the time some of us finally dry out.  

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