March 27, 2015


This evening's activity, via Pinterest, was slightly frustrating and mostly fun.  Frustrating in that it is a lot harder than it looks to shove a glow stick bracelet into a plastic Easter egg.  Seriously.  It shouldn't be that hard, should it?

I got the bracelets at Michael's.  $1.50 for 12.  I vaguely recall glow disks.  In hindsight, that would have been the way to go.  Oh well.  We made due. 

The brightest eggs had the corresponding color bracelet inside.  And, if you do this with your own littles, take care not to snap the bracelet when twisting it up.  We lost two that way.  

See the dull egg to the right?  Green egg + orange bracelet = not so good.  
Looping the bracelet twice sort of seemed to work.  Although, we did have a few eggs break open during the hunt.  Granted the boys weren't exactly being gentle with the eggs.  I'm so very grateful they weren't real eggs.

What they were though was real fun.  We took turns hiding eggs and find them again.  

Max was the best.  He'd hide all of the eggs in one spot.

I loathe flash photography.  In all honesty, because I simply do not understand it.  My aperture was wide open here and yet the pending darkness wrecked havoc on my shot. Unless the boys were perfectly still, my images were all blur.  Oh well.  It's just another reminder that they're both in perpetual motion.  

Then he'd show you exactly where they all were.  Hilarious to me.  Infuriating to his big brother. 

The little monster HAD to be in the shot.  I sewed it for Channing today.  One for Maxwell too.  Max calls his Chip.  Channing's has yet to be named.  They're squishy and lovable just like my boys.  
Granite countertops can be a photographer's delight.
Nonetheless, we had more smiles than frowns.  And I may have had a wee bit of fun playing with my camera settings in the low light. Happy egg hunting, my friends.  Happy egg hunting!!

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Kathy Flynn said...

Love your photos and your story! That bMaxwellie is something! Xoox