June 2, 2015

And then

all of a sudden it was June.  June people?  What the...???  Where in the world did April & May go??

We're in the process of winding down the school year here.  There's just over a week and a half to do.  Part of me is SO ready to be done.  Done with 'hurry up's' in the morning.  Done with waking Maxwell in the afternoons to rush off to meet the bus.  Part of me is wondering how in the world I'm going to fill our days AND stay sane over the next couple months.  Stay sane being the key part.

Tomorrow, we are going to school for a breakfast honoring this kid:

Oh yeah!!  He got his first school award!!  And for picking up without being asked no less.  (Insert beaming, proud mama smile here.)

I've been sewing a bit.  I made these cute things for our neighbor, Lexi, in honor of birthday #5.  

And, this patchwork strawberry pillow.  Kath & I made these together.  I promised one to my mom and another to my sister.  Yeah.  Haven't even thought about starting them.  Sorry guys!!

And, I've been encouraging Channing in his artistic pursuits.  He draws.  I fill his drawings in with paint.  The collaborations are fantastically fun.  There's talk of putting some of his work on Etsy.  We've got this dream of swimming with Dolphins you see and this, this would be a great way to fund that trip.  Well, eventually fund that trip.  

Maxwell is well.  He's really into being SUPER these days.  SuperMax has helped run errands more than once in recent weeks.  It's crazy fun to watch people react to his antics.  My cheeks hurt from smiling all day.  It makes the mundane chore of grocery shopping and getting (too much) stuff from Costco much, much more enjoyable.

OK.  So there you have it.  We're alive and kicking here.  

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