June 8, 2015

To 'luth

The boys are always, always asking if we can go to 'luth, as Maxwell calls it.  Friday, we packed up the car and headed north.  Duluth was calling.  The lake was singing it's siren song.  Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Melissa, Andrew & Olive were anxiously awaiting our arrival.  We had important business to attend to, like meeting this little cutie.

Olive.  She's Andrew's new puppy.  So cute.  And squishy.  And both boys loved playing with her.

Mom & I celebrated the pending arrival of Baby H.  Or Wenceslas Steven as he's fondly referred to by his glowing mama.  (And, no, that is not the name Shanda & Ryan have chosen for him.  That's still a secret.  Shhh...)

The whole family took a ride on the pizza train.  We settled into our vintage train car, watched the rainy lakeshore scenery pass by and had a slice of pepperoni or two.  There was even live music.  If you follow WM on Instagram, you may have seen me singing along.  I just couldn't help myself.

And, of course, we had to throw rocks.  On Saturday's bitterly cold morning, we braved the wind and waves on Brighton Beach.  Today, we enjoyed the warm sunshine and calm waters in Canal Park.  Papa even talked Maxwell into putting his toes into the big lake for the first time.  Channing followed suit insisting the water was hot.  I tried explaining that it was so cold it burned.  He just told me I was wrong the way that six-year-olds do & went about his rock throwing business.

It was good to be home.  It was better to be in Duluth as a family. And even better still to be making those oh-so-important childhood memories.  

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