August 19, 2015

No Buddy

These two.  There are days when they're at each other from the moment their eyes open in the morning.  And then there are days like this.  They're the best of best friends.

It was drizzling as we left our house and headed out in search of a frog or two.  These guys didn't mind one bit.  They were decked out in their rain gear, and with their red Radio Flyer wagon, butterfly nets and animal cracker tub turned critter keeper, they were ready.

On the path to adventure, they stopped to pick flowers for me and to speculate where the leprechaun was as they discovered a nice, thick patch of clover.

With Channing trolling the edge of the path and Maxwell hauling the gear, they managed to nab a few creatures for their always-evolving collection.

Maxwellie has a soft spot for anything that creeps or crawls.  I kid you not.  Papa Doug found him out front one sunny afternoon with bumble bees pinched between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.  A big, fat toad spent the better part of another afternoon blasting into outer space, as with Max's help, he flew the rocket ship from the space station play set.  And today was no exception.  He found himself a 'gwasspapa' as big as my middle finger, gave it a kiss and told it, 'It's OK.  I'm a nice boy.'  (Despite Max's assurances, that grasshopper made a hasty escape the first chance he got.)

Nearly two hours and a mere half mile later, we made it home.  Muddied boots were cleaned.  Bugs were again carefully inspected.

And, this mama's heart smiled, as truly 'there is no buddy like a brother.'

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