October 1, 2015

On Turning Three

Maxwellie, our charismatic little man, is three.  Three!!  In the blink of an eye, it's happened.  I caught these sweet images of him on his birthday a few weeks back.  He tried so hard to get his little fingers to cooperate and was incredibly proud of himself when they finally did.

We celebrated with family and friends on a warm fall day with a tractor themed cake and hay rides.  We got lots of waves as our neighbor, Trent, drove our riding lawn mower around the neighborhood loop pulling the kids behind him in a borrowed trailer.  Maxwell was delighted by every bit of it.

And, his birthday celebration continued yesterday with the arrival of Flame.  The Flynn Family aunties, uncles and cousins got our critter-loving boy his very own (soon-to-be) frog for his birthday. Surprisingly, it came in a box in the mail.

Without even opening the package, he declared its name was Flame.  Little Flame had quite the welcome.  First, it went to the bus stop and then to the grocery to get a couple of jugs of spring water so we could appropriately set up its habitat.  Together, Max and Channing put everything in its place and eventually Max released Flame into his new home.

For the time being, Flame will live in this little cube.  Once its tail all but disappears, it will be moved to a larger tank.  Regardless of living arrangements, Max is absolutely delighted.  

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